Corporate Licensing


Pursuant to the powers vested in the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON Council) to regulate the practice of advertising and administer the Code of Advertising Practice & Sales Promotions, etc., the Council sets out the following licensing guidelines and requirements for the purpose of fair, efficient and orderly practice of advertising business. Consequently, the Council makes the following proclamation:

Business License Regime:

All categories of advertising organisations/firms as listed in the Code that engage in the business and practice of advertising for the purpose of gains/profit shall be licensed by APCON, with the exclusion of advertisers. The license shall be renewable every three years in accordance with the requirements of the Code. No organisation shall operate the business of advertising without this license.

Each firm of practitioners shall have its area of specialisation defined, which shall be the basis, and scope of license granted to such firm. A firm that is to be licensed in a particular area of specialisation/advertising business is expected to show that it has the requisite set of qualifications, skills and competence required in a given field.

Where a firm or company decides to operate outside its designated/licensed area of specialisation, the concerned organisation shall be required to properly set up a firm and register the new firm that is intended to offer the designated services. For purposes of illustration only, an advertiser which conducts or intends to conduct the business of advertising or media agency should comply with the requisite licensing requirements of firms licensed to operate in that specialised field of advertising business including properly establishing and registering a firm to engage in such distinct field of specialisation or services. Such a firm must be approved and certified by APCON before it commences operations.

Guidelines for Licensing

Advertising Organisations shall be classified as follows:

  • National – This shall apply to advertising organisations whose total equity participation by Nigerians is equal to or above 74.9% or aggregate foreign investment in equity is equal to or below 25.1%.
  • Foreign – This shall apply to advertising organisations whose total equity participation by Nigerians is equal to or below 25.1% or aggregate foreign investment in equity is equal to or above 74.9%. Foreigners can invest and set up advertising business, which they can own 100% provided it is intended to practice advertising targeted at markets outside the shores of Nigeria.

For any organization to be licensed, the Chief Executive Officer must be a registered practitioner at the level of rpa. However, for local organizations, under special circumstances associate registration, arpa may be considered.

The same level of membership status applies to all heads of operational departments in the organization. However, for purposes of media organizations, the Chief Executive Officer does not of necessity need to be an advertising practitioner.

Facilities and staffing must be considered adequate for the level of licensing.


APCON operates two windows of corporate registration/licensing.

(a) WINDOW 1

This window is open to advertising companies that belong to sectoral associations recognized by APCON. Member organizations of recognized sectoral groups shall be required to obtain a reference letter from the sectoral body recommending and confirming their suitability for the business license. The letter of reference shall detail particulars of compliance with requirements for practicing in the field of interest.

Where an organization operates within another regulatory law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria administered by another government agency e.g. NBC, NCC, NFC, NPC, etc., such organization shall be required to obtain a formal letter from the government establishment that administers the Law and shall be qualified under Window 1.

All organizations’ shall also pay the requisite licensing fee as stipulated in the schedule to this Proclamation.

(b) WINDOW 2

This window is open to outfits or organizations that are not affiliated to any recognized sectoral group. Such an outfit or organization which prior to this proclamation conducts advertising business in the specialized area being regulated; shall provide the following:

  1. Name and contact details of the applicant agency i.e. (this shall include but will not be limited to the office address, telephone numbers, email address, website etc.).
  2. Copy of Registration documentation for the special purpose vehicle floated for the purpose of the specialised advertising business as well as comprehensive particulars of Owners/Promoters/Directors’ details as the case may be.
    • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation.
    • Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association.
    • Evidence of share subscription and distribution.
    • Copy of documents relating to particulars of directors in the case of a company.
  1. Names and details of management staff– This shall include but will not be limited to:
    • Names and qualifications of management staff, including evidence of APCON registration and certificate.
    • Details and evidence of working experience of management staff.
  1. Financial report –This shall include but will not be limited to the current Audited Report (where applicable).
  2. Tax Clearance Certificate where applicable.
  3. Letter of compliance from the Nigeria Pension Fund on compliance with relevant sections of the Pension Act (for a Company already in operation).
  4. Employee Benefits Insurance: Evidence of employees’ retirement saving plan, group insurance plan, workers compensation from relevant organisations and government agencies.
  5. Bankers’ Credit Guarantee: In addition, an organisation with foreign equity participation will be required to produce a bankers’ credit guarantee from a Nigerian bank acceptable to APCON in the sum of N200 million for a National agency and N500 million for a Foreign agency.
  6. Agency Business Insurance: National and Foreign categories applicants shall also be required to produce and submit an Agency Business Insurance to the tune of N200 million for a National agency and N500 million for Foreign agency from a Nigerian insurance company acceptable to APCON.
Scope of Practice
  1. In order to encourage development cohesion, accountability and mutual well-being of the profession, APCON encourages all competent individual practitioners to practice within a recognised firm in a recognised area of specialisation without prejudice to the freedom of individual and competent practitioners to practice in other areas of advertising. All firms that engage in the practice of advertising or advertising functions for the purpose of gains or benefits (except Advertisers) shall be licensed by APCON.
  2. Practitioners shall endeavor to pay their practice fee on or before March 31st of every year.
  3. Non-payment of practice fee is an offense and shall attract sanctions including delisting where appropriate (and other sanctions).
  4. A practitioner shall not engage in a designated area of specialisation except the firm of practice in which he/she is engaged is licensed to carry on business in such area(s).
Foreign Practitioners

Foreign practitioners shall be welcome to practice the profession in Nigeria; however such practitioners shall be certified and licensed by APCON. In addition to the requirement of the Membership Committee of APCON, such practitioners must show:

  • Evidence of work permit obtained from the relevant agencies like the NIS, etc. relevant visa, etc.
  • A letter of attestation from the organization intending to employ the expatriate on:
    • The genuineness of the offer.
    • The remuneration package and conditions as comparable to those offered to Nigerians of the same status and position.
    • The foreign practitioner is filling a labour shortage.
    • The employment of a foreigner will directly impact or create new job opportunities or help retain jobs for Nigerians.
    • The employment of the foreign practitioner will assist in transferring new skills and knowledge to Nigerians.
    • The hiring of a foreigner will not affect the employment of Nigerians negatively.
Administrative Requirement
  1. Office Location – The office location of an agency applying for the Corporate License must be able to earn respect for the profession and be easily accessible.
  2. Staffing
Chief ExecutiveHe/she must be a registered member of APCON and must have a minimum of three-year agency experience.
Heads of DepartmentsHe/she must be registered member of APCON
Core Agency StaffEvidence of APCON registration of all staff of the agency must be attached and verified.
ReferencesReferences will be obtained from:(a) A senior practitioner of a fellow status(b) A media owner of a reputable status(c) An advertiser/client of a reputable status.
NewspapersN20, 000N50, 000
MagazinesN20, 000N50, 000
Outdoor/Out-of-Home/Indoor Ag.N20, 000N50, 000
CinemaN20, 000N50, 000
Internet/Direct MailN20, 000N50, 000
New & Emerging MediaN20, 000N50, 000
Full ServiceN20, 000N50, 000
CreativeN20, 000N50, 000
MediaN20, 000N50, 000
Digital/InteractiveN20, 000N50, 000
ConsultancyN20, 000N25, 000
PrintN20, 000N50, 000
TV/FilmN20, 000N50, 000
RadioN20, 000N50, 000
Voice Over Artistes AgenciesN20, 000N50, 000
Modeling AgenciesN20, 000N50, 000
Other Support ServicesN20, 000N50, 000
Window 1 – Firms Issued License
Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN)
S/N Agency
1. Novel Potta Y & R Comms Ltd.
2. Centrespread Ltd.
3. Wunderman Nig. Ltd.
4. Adeptus Ltd.
5. Noah's Ark Comms. Ltd.
6. TBWA/Concept Ltd.
7. Marcoms Support Services Ltd.
8. Bluebird Comms. Ltd.
9. Strategic Outcomes Ltd.
10. Criterion Comms. Limited
11. STB McCann Lagos
12. Firebrands Comms Limited
13. Advertising Techniques Limited
14. Prima Garnet Communications Limited
15. Heritage Quality Service
16. Access Advertising Limited
18. 7even Interactive
19. Niche IM Communications Limited
20. Agile Communications Limited
21. DDB Lagos
22. Brand Believers Limited
23. Bluebird Communications Limited
24. BBDO West Africa
25. Prize Communications Limited
26. Insight Communications Limited
27. Creativexone Limited
28. Pulsar Limited
29. Leo Burnett Limited
30. Dijo Communications Limited
31. SO & U Limited
32. Wetherheads Advertising Group Limited
33. Cosse TTL Limited
34. LTC Advertising Limited
35. Adwork Ltd
Window 1 – Firms Issued License
Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN)
S/N Agency
1. Colour Image Publicity
2. Afromedia Airports Ltd.
3. Spreadout Media Ltd.
4. Nationwide Advertising Limited.
5. Wetherheads Advertising Limited.
6. Unik Sites Ltd
7. Media Space Ltd.
8. Corpavant Ltd.
9. Ikad Nigeria Limited
10. Optimum Exposures Ltd.
11. Lona Media Ltd.
12. Ultimate Media Consulting
13. Interlink Multiconcept Ltd.
14. Horizon Outdoor Advertising
15. Framework Comms.
16. Afromedia Plc
17. Outreach International Media
18. Opportunity to See ltd.
19. New Crystal Comm. Ltd.
20. Nexus Media Limited
21. Air Power Limited
22. Eminem Global Concepts Ltd.
23. R'ad Sites and Comms. Ltd.
24. Clearedge Limited
25. Graphic Project
26. Standout Advertising Ltd.
27. Francis StillWaters Ltd.
28. Look out Comms.Limited
29. G & M Promotion
30. M edia Views Limited
31. Adpath Limited
32. Luzo Media Limited
33. Perfect Sites Limited
34. Gems Comms. Limited
35. E - Motion Limited
36. Promo World Limited
37. Invent Media Limited
38. Monumental Concepts & Displays Limited
39. Plural Media Limited
40. Media Link Limited
41. Outdoor Image Makers Communications Limited
42. A Media Limited.
43. Absolute Outdoor Limited
44. Field Communications Limited
45. Charella Nigeria Limited
46. Mario Sanctus Limited
47. Marketing Plus Media Limited
48. Ambicious Media
49. Tripple A Outdoor Ltd
Window 1 - Firms Issued License
Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MIPAN)
S/N Agency
1. Mec Global Ltd.
2. Media fuse Dentsu Aegies Network Ltd.
3. Algorithm Media Ltd.
4. QVT Media Ltd.
5. Maximedia Global Ltd.
6. FCB Brandfirst Media Ltd
7. Brand Eye Ltd.
8. Starcom Media Ltd.
9. Intenciti Media Ltd.
10. Media Perspective Limited
11. All Seasons Zenith Limited
12. Gr8 Measures Media
13. MediaReach OMD Limited
Window 2 – Firms Issued License
1. Wild Fusion Ltd
2. Bionak Ltd
3. Loatsad Promomedia
4. Mint Media Ltd
5. Cocoon Services Worldwide
6. Brand Contact Ltd
7. Xplicit Concepts Ltd
8. Pison Media Ltd
9. Bamhams Integrated Service
10. Prixair Media Limited
11. Corart Ventures Limited
12. Fibre Face Communications Limited
13. Prodigy Advertising
14. Posterscope Nigeria Limited
Window 2 – Firms Issued License
1. Wild Fusion Ltd
2. Bionak Ltd
3. Loatsad Promomedia
4. Mint Media Ltd
5. Cocoon Services Worldwide
6. Brand Contact Ltd
7. Xplicit Concepts Ltd
8. Pison Media Ltd
9. Bamhams Integrated Service
10. Prixair Media Limited
11. Corart Ventures Limited
12. Fibre Face Communications Limited
13. Prodigy Advertising
14. Posterscope Nigeria Limited
Association of Voice Over Artists of Nigeria (AVOA)
1. Babsomo Communications Limited

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